The Pratté Society is a non-profit organization founded in the Spring of 2020, following the successful Pratté International Harp Festival and Competition in Norrköping, Sweden in May 2019, that was reuniting harpists from all over the globe.


The mission of the Pratté Society is to spread awareness and deepen knowledge of the recently rediscovered harpist and composer Anton Edvard Pratté.

The Pratté Society spearheads performances of Pratté's works, not only in the region of Östergotland, but also nationally and internationally.


The organization also endeavors to support and encourage ongoing research of Pratté's life and work, as well as documenting his cultural legacy.



The Pratté Society eagerly welcomes anyone interested in orchestral, chamber and solo music for the harp with a curiosity to learn more about Pratté's works.


Please join us in discovering more of Pratté's achievements in Östergotland, and helping to spread his legacy throughout Sweden and globally.